Our Beliefs


The bible is true

Faith is the victory

Jesus is Lord

Love never fails


We are Guarded by the Elders, Guided by the Staff and Gifted by the Membership.

Elders - function primarily as discerners, keepers of the mission, to keep doctrinal purity, and as Sheppard's and serve as the conscience and guardians of the church.

Deacons - are appointed by church leaders to fill a need as servants/ministers to accomplish specific tasks that those who preach and teach the Word of God within the local body of believers were not able to accomplish because of time constraints. They are to be emissaries of the vision and goals of the leadership of the church to its members and the community at large. They are to reach out to meet needs spiritual and otherwise of the members of the body both before and after services and at other times as required.

The Staff - is chosen by the lead pastor and is to determine the programming, give vision to the various ministries in the church, and oversee the day-to-day operations.

Members - offer their giftedness to meet the needs of the ministry, as well as functioning as Equippers and Leaders. 

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